Amazing things to do in Jim Corbett National Park—the homeland of Big Cat

Undoubtedly, Jim Corbett is a great tourist destination for millions of wildlife lovers and shutterbugs from all over the world. Being a national park, it won’t offer visitors a particular itinerary. So, it will take at least two days to explore flora and fauna around. Here, you can plan a night stay at Dhikala zone and spot a roaring tiger near you. In addition, you can have elephant ride and the jeep ride option to roam around the home of endangered species. Being a traveler, you need to look for the right Jim Corbett tour package from leading travel agents in India as well as abroad.

Jim Corbett National Park

A mere idea of visiting the national park reminds of ‘Kaal’ movie, starring Ajay Devgn, John Abraham, Vivek Oberoi, and Isha Deol, showing the real glimpse of the national part and what happens when someone breaks jungle rules. As a tourist, you can’t roam alone in the jungle as it might put you in a dangerous situation. So, you better look for a safe and protected way to enjoy the spotting of the wild cat along with other fauna. Have some fun and recreation inside the park with special things to do that add more to your visit to the park.



For the convenience of tourists, commuting to the national park from Indian states and other parts of the world, the park forms a perfect mix of wildlife and nature and it has the following famous tourist zones:

  • Bijrani Safari Zone: This space is known for its abundant natural beauty and open grasslands
  • Jhirna Safari Zone: It is another important tourist zone which is opened for tourist throughout the year
  • Dhela Safari Zone: New eco-tourism and tiger reserve buffer zone; open to tourists
  • Dhikala Zone: Rich natural beauty and exotic fauna site; highly recommended tourist zone for hardcore wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Durga Devi Zone: Bird watching zone
  • Sitabani Buffer Zone: It is known for its serene ambiance of the natural beauty

To delve into the wilderness, all you need to do is to have a jeep, canter or elephant safari. Traveling by these transport means to keep you will feel safe in the wildest areas of the park. Let’s check out some amazing things you can do inside the park.


Interesting in watching Royal Bengal tigers in their natural habitats? Come to Jim Corbett and take a Jeep Safari to discover the beauty and wilderness around in a safe manner. Jeep safari is the stellar attraction for spotting the wildcat on an open jeep. Imagine you have a camera and you are going to shoot the tiger ahead with a click. Capture some amazing pictures of the tigers when you are being guided by a wildlife team that specializes in customizing itineraries as per wildlife interest and visitors’ adventure quotient.

Jeep safari is an outstanding experience and you can take home some of the most beautiful memories. It clearly rejuvenates your mind body and soul and alleviates the danger of wild animals attacking you. There are broadly four jeep safari zones in the national park where you will find a sound population of wildlife species. There is also another option of canter safari where maximum people can try their luck to see the royal Bengal tiger.


Jim Corbett Jeep Safari

Image resource: Corbett National Park


  • Bijrani Jeep Safari Zone (Oct 15 to 30 June) with morning and evening safari facilities
  • Jhirna Safari Zone (Throughout the year) with morning and evening safari facilities
  • Dhela Safari Zone (Nov 15 to 30 June) with morning and evening safari facilities
  • Durga Devi Safari Zone (Nov 15 to 30 June) with morning and evening safari facilities


Remember: If you are an Indian and are dreaming of a wildlife safari in Corbett, make sure you intimate the national park authority 30 days before the date of actual visit. In the case of a foreign national, this limit is up to 90 days. Afternoon safaris are booked on first come first serve. Only 6 persons are permitted in every jeep.


When you are in the wildest landscape of Corbett, morning elephant safari is the right choice for wildlife sighting. Nothing can be more exciting and mind-blowing adventure than riding on the back of an elephant for at least one hour and coming back to resort taking some rest.


Elephant Safari

Image resource: Corbett National Park


A visit to Corbett without elephant safari is incomplete as it is the best way to spot the wild animals closely. With it, it is easy to roam deeply into a mysterious forest, rugged trek, beautiful valley, and gigantic grassland and river. Mounting on the back of an elephant, you will feel an adventure and scary feeling of going close to tiger or herd of wild elephants in their natural habitat. Elephants can go in the areas which are inaccessible by a jeep or a canter.

Generally, Indian needs to pay INR 500 for having an elephant ride and people of foreign national have to pay INR 1500. Jim Corbett safari ride on an elephant is usually allowed only in the Bijrani and Dhikala tourist zones.

  • Elephant safari zone: Gairal, Bijrani, Khinanauli, Jhirna, and Dhikala regions.

Remember: The travelers will get elephant ride facilities on first come first serve. And the duration of the Jim Corbett elephant safari ride is only an hour and a half within the specified zone.



Every one of us likes to visit this national park and capture the happy moments around in images. So, it is high time to visit the national park with a camera in hand and start taking lively pictures of the wild cats and other flora and fauna. Lush green forests having real habitats of multiple rare species of animals are ready to be a part of your next visit to Corbett National Park.

Why wildlife photography in Corbett?

  • 600 bird species and animals, and around 488 plants and trees
  • 7 species of avifauna, 7 species of fish, and 36 species of dragonflies
  • Royal Bengal Tigers as central attraction at Bijrani and Dhikala
  • Elephants and leopards roaming in open meadows
  • A variety of mammals consisting of four species of deer, grey mongoose, Himalayan black bear, otters, pangolins, ghoral, and rhesus monkeys
  • Kingfisher sitting on a huge rock

Dhikala Safari zone might be the best zone for wildlife photography and April to June is the best time to capture the movement of the wild cat inside Corbett.

  • For shooting Asiatic Elephants: March-June
  • For shooting birds: November-February
  • For Landscape Photography: October-December



Corbett Museum located at Kaladhungi is a heritage bungalow of Edward James Jim Corbett. It is known that Corbett was a renowned environmentalist, hunter, and tiger conservationist as well. Now, this museum has Corbett’s memoirs, personal belongings, letters, antiques, and rare photographs. Your itinerary to Corbett National Park is not complete until you make a visit the museum.

The museum is existed 20 km from Ramnagar railway station and has been set up at the main entry gate of the park. You can also call it an introduction to park which delivers you maximum data and information on everything inside different safari zones. This museum functions as a real guide to the national park.

For all visitors, the admission fee is very minimal and they can enjoy photography inside the museum. This museum has lots of things that will help you know the park very well before roaming into it.


Visit Corbett for real fun and excitement

When you are in the park, you can also enjoy other activities than a safari. These activities include a nature walk, bonfire, swimming pool, indoor games, jungle cycling, wildlife movie, outdoor games, river visit, evening show, etc. To enjoy all these activities, make sure you have a right Jim Corbett holiday package from professional tour agents near you.


Corbett National Park: Data

With the highest number of 215 tigers, Corbett Park is the 2nd best national park in India that is visited by wildlife lovers frequently. Jim Park is simply one of the most popular wildlife destinations in India for enjoying wildlife, photography by shutterbugs, spotting royal Bengal tiger roaming freely in its natural habitat, and other smart things to do. Just go through the following data to know more about Jim:

  • Likelihood of seeing tigers: Good
  • Tiger reserve status year: 1973-74
  • Other fauna than Tiger: Elephants, tigers, King Kobra, flying fox, Indian pangolin, gharial, and muntjac pangolin
  • Best way to see tigers: Jeep safari and elephant safari
  • Best time to visit: November-June
  • How to reach: Ramnagar railway station; Pant Nagar airport; regular bus services from Ramnagar and Delhi
  • Concerned travel package: Jim Corbett tour packages, tiger safari tour in India, and tiger tour package in India


Jim Corbett national park offers all national and international tourists better choices for having some fun and recreation inside the park with special things to do. For this, you have Jim Corbett national park resorts and Jim Corbett national park hotels that cater your primary and secondary needs with the best living facilities and amenities. If you have guts and you are looking for the best wildlife safari in India, Corbett Park will make a big difference with a luxury wildlife expedition. You can also celebrate honeymoon in the park. With six different tourist zones, the oldest national park in India, associated with the name of tiger hunter, boasts of the first tiger project. Interestingly, Jim national park vehemently promotes eco-tourism and also offers accommodation inside the forest area. You can also get an all-inclusive adventure package from verified travel agents in order to enjoy the activity of rafting in the Ganges River and jungle safari at the homeland of the big cat.

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