Amazing weekend getaways in India to escape during a long weekend

In the year of 2017, there are many long weekends that you can celebrate at some of the top and offbeat travel destinations in India with your friends and families. If you are trying to take some quality time out of your busy schedule and set out on a must go journey, you better check out the list of holiday in the calendar of 2017 first. As far as the trend of going on a long weekend is getting popularity among working people, working groups in MNCs and IT sector prefer to go on long or short trips with their colleagues. A weekend with one or two festivals falling exactly before and after Saturday and Sunday can give you a long weekend. It will be good if you can get an additional leave and make the whole week a long weekend. Following are some of the prime reasons why the concept of weekend holiday destination is getting immense popularity:

long weekend india

  • Long weekend destination planning due to multinational work culture
  • An increase in disposable income of middle class
  • An improvement in road conditions in last few years
  • Fast development of tourist destinations by state governments
  • Direct flights eliminated the gap of long distance
  • Weekend holiday culture in urban areas

Set out on a planned itinerary at popular and offbeat destinations

Short travel destinations are favored by the young crowd as they are pocket-friendly and offer youngsters a better chance to visit many destinations in a particular year. On the other hand, families prefer to go on safe and popular destinations to celebrate holidays. If you are planning to visit a nearby destination during your next long weekend, you better look for the best, competitive, and affordable weekend holiday packages in India. Suppose you are about to buy a travel product to enjoy your next visit to celebrate long weekend clubbing the national holiday of the Independence Day. You can plan your weekend as per the following itinerary:

Friday night: Set out for a journey with friends and families; check in the hotel late night; get welcome drink or food whatever you like.

Saturday: Start your day with breakfast; get ready for visiting top tourist places in the area; try bone fire and a barbecue session at night with light music around

Sunday: Take part in adventurous sports, be a camera man and shoot photos of nearby attractions; take a bath under popular nearby waterfalls

Monday: Stroll around beach, busy roads, or local market; bath under a waterfall; visit historical sites

Tuesday: Take breakfast at the hotel; watch prime minister’s message to the nation live from the Red Fort in the television; go for shopping at nearby local markets; pack your bag, check out, and catch the flight, train, or hired cabs to get back to your home. Sleep immediately after you reach home as you have to start your professional life from the next day: tomorrow.

Top weekend getaways to celebrate long weekends

Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are also famous for IT hubs and millions of people work there. During their weekends, white collar employees love to go on short or long trips. There is no dearth of top weekend getaways near these popular places that you can visit this Independence Day to celebrate a long weekend. Following are some of the top getaway destinations in India you can choose from in order to have fun with long weekends:

Best long weekend getaways from Delhi

The national capital of India and its nearby areas such as Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and Gurgaon has millions of blue and white collar employees who love to celebrate their leisure time by visiting top travel destinations. These destinations include Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, J&K, and Himachal Pradesh. A list of topmost travel destinations, popular for their travel themes, has been shown below that will help you plan your next itinerary as per your weekend requirements:

Delhi Weekend

  1. Agra (219 km from Delhi) — Forts, Gardens, and Monuments themes
  2. Ajmer (394 km from Delhi) — Pilgrim, Temples, Forts, and Palaces themes
  3. Bharatpur (182 km from Delhi) — Wildlife, Bird Watching, Forts, Nature, and Parks themes
  4. Chakrata (290 km from Delhi) — Hill Stations, Falls and Gardens themes
  5. Corbett National Park (254 km from Delhi) — Wildlife, Fishing, Rafting, Rivers, and Falls themes
  6. Jaipur (269 km from Delhi) — Forts, Palaces, and Museums themes
  7. Manali (541 km from Delhi) — Hill Stations, Paragliding, Skiing, Rafting, Rock Climbing, Falls, Rivers, and Honeymoon themes
  8. Mussoorie (271 km from Delhi) — Hill Stations, Trekking, Waterfalls, Wildlife, Churches, Temples, and Honeymoon themes
  9. Nainital (286 km from Delhi) — Hill Stations, Gardens, Museums, Lakes, Temples, and Honeymoon themes
  10. Rishikesh (232 km from Delhi) — Rafting, Rivers, Hills and Temples themes

Best long weekend getaways from Mumbai

The financial capital of India offers employment to millions of people from all states and walks of life. Life in this city is very fast and dwellers seriously need some relief and peace with friends and families. Hanging by nearest travel destinations brings happiness and freshness to all tired bodies. Following are the top most long weekend destinations for Mumbaikars who need a break from the hectic schedule of daily life. Choose the best weekend destinations in Maharashtra, Karnataka or Goa. Just choose any of the mentioned-below weekend getaways to escape from the noise and clatter of this city for a while.

Long weekend destination

  1. Bhandardara (164 km from Mumbai) – Trekking, Waterfalls, and Picnic themes
  2. Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary (456 km from Mumbai) — Wildlife themes
  3. Daman (170 km from Mumbai) — Beaches, Forts, Churches, and Gardens themes
  4. Khandala (83 km from Mumbai) — Hill Stations, Forts, Honeymoon, and Lakes themes
  5. Lonavala (88 km from Mumbai) — Hill Stations, Forts, Caves, Temples, Lakes, and Honeymoon themes
  6. Mahabaleshwar (269 km from Mumbai) — Hill Stations, Lakes, Falls, and Forts themes
  7. Malshej Ghat (127 km from Mumbai) — Hill Stations, Trekking, Falls, Rivers, and Dams themes
  8. Matheran (87 km from Mumbai) — Jambol Forest, Lakes, Temples and Forts themes
  9. Raigad (109 km from Mumbai) — Hill Stations, Rock Climbing, Forts, Palaces, and Lakes themes
  10. Tarkarli (537 km from Mumbai) — Beaches, Backwaters, Lakes, and Forts themes

Best long weekend getaways from Bangalore

Like Mumbai and Delhi, the IT hub of India has millions of IT workforce that like to enjoy weekends in the nearby travel destinations. When it is a long weekend, it is high time to pack bags and set out on a journey that offers an enriched and comfortable travel experience. If you are from Bangalore and are looking for a serious break from the metropolitan life, find a right weekend tour package from Bangalore to enjoy the weekend. Just choose the best destination from Karnataka and other nearby states like Tamilnadu, Goa, and Kerala. Go through the following list to choose what suits you the best when it comes to celebrating a long weekend:

Banglore Travel Destination

  1. Alleppey (593 km from Bangalore) — Beaches and Backwaters themes
  2. Chennai (345 km from Bangalore) — Cosmopolitan, Beaches, Wildlife, Temples, Churches, Shopping, Gardens, and Architecture themes
  3. Coorg (276 km from Bangalore) — Hill Station themes
  4. Goa (567 km from Bangalore) — Beaches, Nightlife, Churches, Falls, Fishing, and Wildlife themes
  5. Kochi (547 km from Bangalore) — Beaches and Sightseeing themes
  6. Kodaikanal (464 km from Bangalore) — Hill Station themes
  7. Munnar (469 km from Bangalore) –Hill Station themes
  8. Ooty (270 km from Bangalore) — Trekking, Hill Stations, Lakes, Falls, Gardens, Tea Estates, Churches, Honeymoon, and Wildlife themes
  9. Thekkady (506 km from Bangalore) — Wildlife, Lakes, Trekking, Rafting, and Hiking themes
  10. Wayanad (289 km from Bangalore) — Wildlife, Hills, Falls, Rivers, Dams, and Caves themes


Best long weekend getaways from Hyderabad

Although Hyderabad has its own travel destinations for all who live in and around Hyderabad, yet the importance of visiting nearby destinations is beyond description. Adjacent states like Tamilnadu and Karnataka have lots of weekend getaways for Hyderabadis who leave no stone unturned to enjoy their leisure time with friends and families. Just go through the following list of selective destinations and choose a destination where you can enjoy the cool and placid ambiance around in a never before way:

  1. Aurangabad (553 km from Hyderabad) — Heritage themes
  2. Guhagar (658 from Hyderabad) – Beach and Honeymoon themes
  3. Guntur (256 km from Hyderabad) — Caves and Temples themes
  4. Kolhapur (543 km from Hyderabad) — Forts, Museums, and Temples theme
  5. Kurnool (213 km from Hyderabad) — Wildlife and Temples themes
  6. Mamallapuram (692 km from Hyderabad) — Beach, Nightlife, Cultural, Honeymoon, and Religious themes
  7. Nandi Hills (534 km from Hyderabad) — Temples and Hill Stations themes
  8. Tripuati (552 km from Hyderabad) – Religious themes
  9. Vijayawada (273 km from Hyderabad) — Architectural marvels themes
  10. Warangal (148 km from Hyderabad) — Temples, Gardens, and Forts themes

Some of the weekend getaways shown in the above list are popular and some of them are offbeat. You will find some of them not so crowded and less explored. Being a real travel enthusiast, you can opt for the destinations you have never visited before. So ask your travel agent to book a weekend getaway tour package to an unusual destination that would be a surprise package for enjoying a fun-filled weekend with your colleagues, friends, and families.

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