Most Haunted and Mysterious Offbeat Travel Destinations in India for Hair Raising Experience

All of us have heard the stories of a dead man walking on roads in dark nights. All this seems to be a scary note but such eerie stories also create an excitement and tempt us to visit the place again and see the most supernatural and paranormal activities with our naked eye. If someone dies an unnatural death, it is supposed that the ghost of the same dead body comes to that place frequently and its presence is felt around by the people who reside there or who pass from that particular haunted area. India is simply a land of mystery where stories of ghosts, avatars, strange phenomenon, and stranger beliefs are a regular feature. Stories of ghosts and spirits are not new to Indians but visiting popular places and destinations hunted by ghosts is really spooky.

There are lots of mysterious places in the world where people have witnessed the occurrence of abnormal activities that are hard to believe by a common man. Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, Highgate Cemetery-North in London, England; Screaming Tunnel-Niagara Falls in Ontario; Changi Beach-Singapore; and Monte Cristo-New South Wales in Australia are said to be the most terrified and scary places that can make you scream in your dreams. There are lots of mysterious places in the world where people have admitted the presence of supernatural activities and considered those places as off the beaten path travels. Visiting this place can be dangerous as evil spirits or ghosts can smite people vehemently. For more information on tour packages please visit our home page


Dead man walking on the most haunted and mysterious places – Don’t try after sunset

The story of a woman wearing a white dress, having a candle in her hand and walking on the deserted roads at night is known to all. This is a ghost story and it makes people feel scary and excited as well. Some people get frightened by such stories whereas some love to see those places where any sort of paranormal activity has occurred. South Park Street Cemetery in West Bengal and Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan are said to be the scariest and haunted places in India. If you love to visit some abnormal and mystifying places associated with the stories of ghost and phantoms, then the following is a list of top most unusual places to visit India state-wise and visiting these places after sunset can be your next hair raising experience.



 BHANGARH FORT – tragic love story of a magician

The ghost town of Bhangarh in Ajabgarh, Alwar, Rajasthan, is one of the most famous haunted places in India which is known for its ruins of temples, havelis, and a palace. It is one of the top mysterious and haunted places in India that catch all eyes and has been a central attraction for all travelers who like to visit Rajasthan to explore the most unusual places. Note down that it is the only “legally haunted” place in India where you as a tourist are not allowed to enter the premises of the fort after sunset.


The ghost story belongs to this fort is associated with a magician who fell in love with the local princess. Before he could trap the princess in his magical tricks, she killed him. Conversely, he cast a dark spell on the palace which forced the fort to its doom, before his death. Interestingly, this most horror haunted destination has been officially promoted as a tourist destination by the government.  The mystery of this fort has also been featured on a TV show.

How to reach: Jaipur airport (56 km); Dausa railway station (22 km); 250 km from Delhi


KULDHARA – Ghost town shrouded in mystery

Once a prosperous village of Paliwal Brahmins, Kuldhara has been in news as a deserted ghost village since the 1800s. Interestingly, all 1500 residents of the village disappeared mysteriously in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It is not a spooky village but it is unfortunate that a large number of villagers vanished in a night without being seen by anyone.


It is said that the evil Prime Minister Salim Singh wanted to marry the beautiful daughter of the village headman and threatened the villagers with terrible consequences if they went against his wishes. So, the villagers left the village quietly and cursed Kuldhara of desolation. Now, the ruins of the village are the architectural excellence of the past era. Interestingly, this place is a cosseted monument and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. With a historical Rajasthan tour, you can easily reach to this mysterious place.

How to reach: 17 km from Jaisalmer; hire a taxi from Jaisalmer


KARNI MATA TEMPLE – Temple of rats in Rajasthan

Karni Matha Temple

Karni Mata temple in Rajasthan exists in a small town called Deshnoke and this temple has about 20,000 rats that are revered by visitors. It is one of the top mysterious temples/religious places in India that has fascinating sight of Kabbas, a.k.a. rats that are worshipped as reincarnated family members of Karni Mata. White mice you see inside the temple are considered to be Karni Mata and her sons. The most peculiar factor about this mysterious place is that there the food nibbled by the rats is considered exceptionally holy. In case a rat is killed, it has to be replaced by an artificial rat, made of gold.

How to reach: 30 km from Bikaner


BULLET BABA SHRINE – The Motorcycle God

bullet baba shrine

In Bandai, Rajasthan, you will find a shrine where a motorcycle is revered with flowers and liquor by bikers. Yes, it happens only in India. A drunken biker named Om Sing Rathore a.k.a. Om Banna died when he crashed his Bullet into a tree. The police possessed the bike and took it to the station but the bike was found on the accident site on the next day miraculously. The same process repeated for a few next days. Then, the Om Baba Shrine came into the existence. Many passers-by come to this shrine to offer their prayers to Baba believing the spirit of Om Banna would protect them.




SOUTH PARK STREET CEMETERY – the famous burial ground

south park street cemetery

If you talk about a burial ground that is also a famous tourist spot, come to Kolkata and visit South Park Street Cemetery that is really a mysterious one. Paranormal activities, including moving of shadows, nonfunctioning of cameras, capturing of eerie images and worsening of health have been witnessed by people when they visit this scariest place in the world. The ill-effect of this place can also be seen on the people living around the cemetery as they prefer to keep their windows shut 24/7. It was opened in 1767 and was closed in 1790.


How to reach: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (17 km); Howrah and Sealdah railway stations



  SHANIWARWADA FORT – murder site of a young prince

If you have seen Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period epic “Bajirao Mastani”, starring Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, you would have reminded of the famous fort of Shaniwar Wada where both the characters used to live. This fort is not only famous for the love story of Bajirao and Mastani but also for a mysterious and brutal murder of a young king that makes this place haunted.  It is a story of a prince who was assassinated by the cunning wife of his uncle. When he came to know about the murder plot, he ran to his Uncle chamber shouting Kaka Mala Vachva.’ This Marthi lines means save me, uncle! Since then, at every new moon night, people used to hear of weird sound of “Kaka Mala Vachva.”


This place is also a great historical place in Pune, Maharastara, for the historical purposes where millions of people come to explore this historical destination.

How to reach: Pune airport (10 km); Pune railway station; buses from Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore or Goa


Levitating Stone – SHIVAPUR, Maharashtra

In Pune in Maharashtra, Shivapur is a small place where the story of mysterious levitating stone of Qamar Ali Darveshin catches all eyes. The most astonishing thing that attracts all is that a stone flies up in the air when 11 people touch their finger to the stone and recite the name “Qamar Ali Darvesh.” Interestingly, the weight of this huge stone is about 200 kg. Although this claim has not been scientifically proved so far, yet it is a great matter of curiosity to all who visit this dargah where used to be a gymnasium.

levitating stone shivpur

There were two large stones that wrestlers used to reflex their muscles, not by Qamar Ali. So, he was targeted by other boys. So, he laid a stone to show that spiritual power is better than brute strength.


How to reach: 180 km from east of Mumbai.


SHANI SHIGNAPUR – City without doors

In Maharashtra, Shani Shignapur is one of the top mysterious temples/religious places in India where millions of devotees come to pay reverence to Lord Shani to get freedom from their sins during the tough period of Sade Saati or Dhaiyya, as per Hindu traditions.


The weirdest thing all visitors see in this religious place is that it is a door-less city. The people of the city argue that they have not experienced theft in the city ever since the deity’s idol was set up in the village around 150 years ago. More surprisingly, there are also banks with no front doors. According to village headman, “There have been no robberies in the village. When someone has tried they have gone blind and unless they confessed they were unable to leave the village.”

If you don’t believe in this notion, why don’t you come to this religious place and see the truth yourself?

How to visit: Nasik Airport (144 km); Rahuri railway station (32 km) and Ahmednagar railway station (35 km); 6 km away from Godhegaon on the Aurangabad – Ahmednagar Road.


Land of Snakes – A glimpse of NagaLoka

In the small village of Shetpal, a very small population of 2650, in Sholapur district of Maharashtra, you will find a weird place where snakes are worshipped. Believe it or not, every big or small house in the village has a resting place for Cobras. You can call this resting place as ‘Devasthan’ and this resting place is found in the rafters of their ceilings. More interestingly, there has been no case of snake bites reported in this village. Snakes move freely in every household without harming anyone. Incident of kids playing with snakes is a normal feature.


People of this village have a special place for snakes in their hearts and houses. You can also call this village as ‘Nag Loka’.

How to reach: 200 km from Pune



DUMAS BEACH – Resting place of tortured souls

In Surat Gujarat, there is a beach with black sand and is considered as ominous due to the presence of some paranormal or mystical activities. This weird destination is called Dumas Beach and taking a stroll near this beach during the night time can make you experience several unexplainable and puzzling incidents. Incidents of strange whispers heard and people disappearance are the reason why this beach is supposed as a haunted beach.


It is said that many people have lost their lives trying to resolve this mystery. There is a Hindu burial ground near the beach and is considered as the resting place of tortured souls. The place is believed to be haunted by the spirits of the dead who have not found eternal peace.

How to reach: Surat airport; Surat railway station


New Lucky Restaurant – Dining with the Dead

New Lucky Restaurant

Would you like to eat at a place where dead bodies have a resting place? If yes, you have to come to Ahmedabad at the New Lucky Restaurant. Built on a cemetery, this strange restaurant in Ahmedabad is a famous place for having a masala tea. The restaurant on cemetery is the destination where people come, sit for long hours, and dine in the restaurant with the dead. Owned by K. H. Mohammad and Krishnan Kutti Nair, this restaurant has tombs fenced with steel rods and covered with clothes. As a large number of people come to this restaurant, it seems that the taboo of graves has been phased out. The owner cleans the graves and garners them with flowers to pay his respect to the dead.

How to reach: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport (14 km); Ahmedabad railway station



Delhi Cantonment Ghost Lady, Delhi Cantonment

When it comes to finding the most discussed haunted place in Delhi, Delhi Cantonment or Delhi Cantt catches all eyes. This area belongs to Indian army officials as is considered as the spookiest and scariest haunted destination inside the national capital of India. The scary story related to this haunted place is the ghost lady of Delhi Cantonment who was supposedly killed in a car accident. Many people living this area have experienced the existence of the ghost lady, whose spirit attracts passer-bys and runs after car, frequently.

It is advised that older people should not stop their vehicles if someone tries to stop them.

How to reach: A few meters from Dhaula Kuan.





After the release of Bahubali movie series, Ramoji Film City has become a popular name as it was the place for the set of the movie. Being one of the biggest film cities in India, it hosts several hotels that are considered as controversial owing to reported “supernatural activities.” Incidents of lights falling off the top, injuries suffered by light men, food scattered in rooms, and strange marks left on the mirrors are some of the common paranormal activities witnessed by people in the famous film city.

Females and girls have reported of invisible force tearing their clothes off inside washrooms. If you think this place can be a real mystery, just visit it to experience the paranormal activities.

How to reach: Book a RAMOJI FILM CITY TOUR


ROOPKUND LAKE, Lake of Skeletons, Chamoli, Uttarakhand


Famous as a mystery lake, Roopkund Lake reminds you of 9th century AD (1200 years old) incident in which king of Kanauj, Raja Jasdhaval, and his pregnant wife Rani Balampa along with servants and dance troupe perished near the lake due to a large hail storm that trapped them while heading to Nanda Devi shrine. Being placed in the lap of nature, this lake looks splendid, but 30 human skeletons and horse remains can be seen when ice melts for a month in summers.


Travelers interested in visiting the most haunted places in Uttarakhand can opt for Uttrakhand adventure tour package to see this lake that is famous for its mystery and natural beauty around in the lap of Himalaya. This place is also a haven for trekkers.

How to reach: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun, (279 km); Haridwar railway station (273 km)


LAMBI DEHAR MINES in Khanij Nagar, Mussorie Range, Uttarakhand


There is a tragic story associated with the death of 50,000 mine workers at the mine in Uttrakhand. People living in this area complain of hearing strange noises during midnight in this deserted area. The stories of trucks going off the road, a helicopter crashed and other accidents indicate that this place is officially haunted. Moreover, another story of a witch which strolls at night and causes accidents also seems interesting.

How to reach: Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun; Dehradun Railway Station (36 km)



Mass Bird Suicide – Valley of death for birds

We have heard of human committing suicides but never think of committing suicide by birds. If Bermuda Triangle is famous for sucking in ships and airplanes to death, Jatinga is known for the death of birds mysteriously. In Jatinga, Assam, there is such a village called Dima Hasao where migratory birds just drop dead in the late monsoons from September to November, around 7-10 p. m. In a mysterious manner, birds dive down to death after crashing against objects in an area of 1.5 km long and 200 m wide.

Valley of death for birds

Interestingly, the state Government is promoting this place for bird lovers to witness this strange bird behavior.

How to reach: Guwahati airport (140 km); Lumding railway station (140 km)


Magnetic Hill – Get pulled uphill by magnetic force

In Ladakh, there is a famous car slipping uphill that has been a central attraction for all tourists and visitors to Ladakh. It is usual that a vehicle slips down the hill naturally, but at Magnetic Hills, it actually goes up. Generally, this hill is believed to be magnetic as your car climbs up the hill at a speed of 20 km per hour when you park your car and leave it in neutral. It seems like some magic owing to an optical illusion. The mountains, roads, and hills are placed in such a way that it appears as if the area is an uphill terrain, but in reality, it is slightly downhill.

Come to this place and see how your car rolls uphill. Why this happens is still a mystery but it entices all.

Magnetic Hill

How to reach: Leh airport (44 km); Jammu Tawi railway station (700 km from Ladakh)



GAWKADAL Bridge – Paranormal occurrences of revengeful ghosts

When we talk about the most haunted places in J&K, Gawkadal Bridge emerges as the most popular place for ghost activities. The association of this place with haunted spirits is concerned with a few Kashmiri protestors who were killed brutally in 1990 by the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). The best time to feel the horrifying experience of para-natural activities is the night time when dark is around. Locals have reported of weird voices and appearance of ghostly figures. People are recommended not to visit this place after a late evening. If you love to be a part of such an odd place for a sojourn, you better do it at your own risk.


How to reach: Srinagar Airport; Jammu Tawi or Udhampur railway stations



JWALA JI TEMPLE, the Eternal Flame

In Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, there is a historical and ancient temple that attracts all owing to an eternal and flawless flame in blue color, which has been burning naturally since many decades. Devotees come to this unique Jwala Ji Temple of Kangra to seek blessings from the Mother Goddess. As per legend, Mata Sati immolated herself and Lord Shiva carried her burnt corpse that fell into 51 parts and landed on the earth. It is one of the top mysterious temples in India that is believed to be Sati’s fiery tongue.


Historians, geologists, and other researchers have failed to find the resources of this eternal flame. Even, Mughal king Akbar had also tried to extinguish this flame but couldn’t get successful.


How to reach: Gaggal Airport (13 km); Pathankot railway station (90 km)


GUE VILLAGE Natural Mummy of Sangha Tenzing


You may have heard of famous mummies of Egypt, but can you believe there is a 500 years old mummy still looking fresh and almost alive. Yes, we are talking about the Natural Mummy of Sangha Tenzing, a famous Buddhist monk, in the Gue villages of the Spiti Valley in the in the State of Himachal Pradesh of India. Villagers discovered this mummy in 1975 after an earthquake that struck the region.

This mummy is well preserved as you will find its unbroken skin and hair. Moreover, this mummy is preserved with the use of no chemicals. It still looks fresh. If you want to see the dead man still looking not dead, the best time to visit this place is during the summer months when the road conditions are good and the nights are not too cold. Come to this place and get ready for having a hair raising experience.


How to reach: Take taxis to reach this spot as it is a deserted hamlet.



THE DROWNING CHURCH–the story of emerging and submerging church

During the 1860s, the French Missionaries built a magnificent church on the banks of Hemavathi River. In the 1960s, the government constructed a dam on this river. And the story of drowning and emerging church start from here that has been a center of attraction for millions of people due to its age old glory. The reserving water of the dam has its counter effects on the church.

In Shettihalli, Karnataka, this church has been the first choice of lots of shutterbugs who want to capture this lovely ruin in their cameras. Despite the fury of monsoon and floods, this place has survived and retained its glory and entices people with its beauty.

How to reach: Bangalore airport (187 km); Hassan railway station (2 km)

DOG TEMPLE – Channapatna, Karnataka

It is quite clear that a dog is man’s best friend. This fact has become a reality in the form of a temple dedicated to dogs in Channapatna, Ramanagar district, in Karnataka. Believe it or not, this unconventional temple has been a place where people come to pay respects to the dog. In this temple, the common dog got the status of God and is worshipped. It is one of the top mysterious and weird temples in India where you will find two idols representing the two faces of the animal. There is also another temple dedicated to a pet dog in Ranebennur in North Karnataka.

How to reach: Bangalore International Airport (60 km); connected to major railway stations within Karnataka state

GOMATESHWARA STATUE – World’s Largest Monolithic Statue

Gomateshwarea Statue in Shravanabelagola, Hassan district, in Karnataka is one of the top mysterious temples/religious places in India. This statue is famous as a monolithic statue of Gomateshwara that stands above all else at 60 feet. The mysterious thing about this statue is that is has been carved out of a single block of granite. In addition, the monolithic structure is so huge in size that one can easily see it from a distance of 30 km clearly. As per legend, Gomateshwara was a Jain saint who attained liberation as a human in his half time cycle. The 57-feet tall statue is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations for Jains in India.


After every 12 years, this statue attracts millions of devotees during the Mahamastakabhisheka ceremony of the statue bathed in milk, ghee, saffron and gold coins.

How to reach: Bengaluru International Airport; Shravanabelagola Railway Station



In Bijapur, at a well near Saath Kabar, Afzal Khan, medieval Indian commander who served the Adil Shahi dynasty of Bijapur, was said to be the brutal murderer of his 63 wives after losing the war against the Maratha ruler Shivaji. Astrologers had predicted Afzal of his loss of the war to Shivaji and the immediate death. Then, he decided to kill all his wives by pushing them in the well. But two of his wives escaped and were killed by soldiers after being chased. Now, this well is supposed to be haunted as people hear noises rising out of the well on certain nights.


How to reach: Bijapur Airport; Bijapur railway station (2 km)


The list of mentioned-above cursed places in India is just a glimpse of what you mysterious things you can see in India. There are hundreds of mysterious destinations that can make you cry in dreams and raise your hair in horror. So, set out for a journey to the most unusual places and conquer your fear.

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